Floor Finishes

DVS 5104757 Diversey™ Carefree® Matte Floor Finish

A versatile high performance floor finish without the high gloss. Designed to work on a wide variety of substrates and in many different maintenance methods. Solids content 15%. Meets ASTM D-2047 slip resistance requirements. 5 Gal. Envirobox™.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5104757

JWP 5104731 Diversey™ Carefree® Floor Finish/Sealer

A versatile multi-surface, multi-maintenance floor finish/sealer that simplifies floor care programs. Easy to apply and remove from all floor types. Meets ASTM D-2047 slip resistance requirement.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5104731

BETCO-65905-00 Betco® Hard As Nails® Hard Film Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

This floor finish utilizes highly durable internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish film. Superior wearing. Non-scuffing. Self-leveling, Self sealing. 0.0% Free Styrene.  ea

Manufacturers Item #65905

SIMONIZ UL0700 Simoniz® Ultra Line 33 Acrylic High Solids Finish/Sealer

Requires fewer coats than conventional products. Low sensitivity to humidity. Excellent dry-brite gloss and durability. Scuff and scratch resistance and gloss. Excellent gloss retention. Patented polymer technology.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #UL0700-1

JWP 04649 Diversey™ Complete® Floor Finish - Gal.

A durable finish that reduces the need to strip and refinish, responds beautifully when spray buffed. Low maintenance, high durability and great finish value. Easy application and recoat. Great leveling. Excellent traffic and mark resistance even on older floors.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #4649

JWP 5104811 Diversey High Mileage® UHS Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

Delivers excellent gloss build and outstanding durability for your floors, even in the heaviest of traffic. High solids, low odor. Non-yellowing. Maintains excellent clear color.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5104811

JWP 5120888 Diversey Show Place™ Floor Finish - 5 Gal. Envirobox™

A high gloss, high solids floor finish that provides exceptional durability and a long-lasting brilliant gloss floor finish. Great leveling. Allows you to apply fewer coats, yet achieve maximum gloss. Provides long-term protection for high traffic retail areas. Outstanding spray buff and burnish response.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5120888